Transaction Processing

To maintain compliance in this area each entity and individual that participate through the settlement process of the Exchange Trust must be appropriately identified in terms of the Financial Intelligence Center Act of South Africa, each such individual and entity will have an account with the Exchange Trust, this Member Account provides a transactional history of all activities related to the individual and or entity using the Exchange Trust SPI.

Each Member will give and receive Payment, Claim or other Transaction 
Instructions through the Exchange Trust SPI, all such transactions are subject to the regulations and requirements of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of South Africa.

The Systems Account is not accessible through any other means but the SPI, this provides a high degree of security to end users of our customers. All payment and settlement instructions are received via the Exchange Trust SPI and is subject to external audits under the regulations provided for in the National Payment Systems Act of South Africa.

Our Customers permit, with the Exchange Trust's Approval, that their clients deposit money into the Exchange Trust Systems Account for onward clearing and settlement, based on clear instructions received from the end users via the Exchange Trust SPI.