Operating Asset Enhancement

Operating Asset Enhancement is a means to provide investors either equity or debt or various structures associated with debt equity arrangements with a performance guarantee. The methodology applied relies heavily on reliability engineering principles. The SPI provides up to AA underwriting for underlying Operating Assets in a debt finance structure using its proprietary risk management and risk transfer methodology.

The SPI monitors the performance and operating conditions of high value operating assets and report any deviation that could affect a finance contract. Reports and alarms are provided in near realtime conditions and escalation rules insure that the correct operators and managers are notified to respond. This early warning system is a means to reduce ensurance premiums - the primary objective is to protect the investor from operating asset failure. 

The Exchange Trust SPI provides Underwriting Services, Risk Transfer and Risk Management solutions for Operating Assets with expected life spans in excess of 20 Years.

These Assets are typically high value assets such as mining equipment, oil and gas equipment, ships, aircraft and high mobility cross border infrastructure assets. Asset values range from US$ 20 Million and can exceed several Billion dollar transactions. The underwriting is based on a comprehensive Fault Tree Analyses, Failure Mode and Criticality Analysis as well as Probability Analysis as it relates to the Operating Assets as a function of the Financial Obligation of those Assets.