Welcome To Exchange Trust. 

Exchange Trust provides sophisticated financial services to its clients. Our clients include High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Fortune 500 Companies and Governments. The solutions provided include Consulting, Bespoke Technology, Financial Facilitation and Administration. Our clients enjoy a high degree of privacy and confidentiality. Below follows a summary of transactions provided in recent years:

  • Providing Advisory services and Developing a Private Investment Bank technology platform as well as the appropriate regulatory compliant infrastructure for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. 
  • Providing Advisory Services and Developing a Fund Administration technology platform for an Insurance Administrator in South Africa. Administrating +US$ 190 Million within 24 months on the platform.
  • Providing Advisory Services and Developing the Finance and Risk Transfer Solution to a Middle Eastern Government to replace/upgrade and refinance high value strategic assets. The finance structure required the development of a Capital Market Instrument with a Face Value of US$ 20 Billion.