About Us

Exchange Trust is a SPI Service Provider for the Financial and Trade industries, its applications cover the receiving and executing of payment, claim and settlement instructions from a number of service providers such as Insurance Companies, Product Suppliers, Large Manufacturers and Credit Providers.

Our customers are accredited users of the Exchange Trust Software, Platform and Infrastructure, this accreditation is based on a high degree of scrutiny related to the underlying business use of the Exchange Trust SPI.

Exchange Trust is not permitted to either; take or hold any deposits as defined in the Banks Act of South Africa, some of our customers however are permitted to hold deposits subject to the relevant regulations applicable to the customer. 

The Exchange Trust uses a single Systems Account held at ABSA. This Systems Account is under the control of the Exchange Trust's Third Party Payment Processor approved and authorized by ABSA.

The Exchange Trust Corporate SPI provide leading Credit Support, Credit Enhancement and Supply Chain Custody solutions in the area of Transactional and Structured Finance. Having a high quality Collateral Custody module puts the Exchange Trust in a unique position to design creative business solutions for its customers. 

The Exchange Trust therefore aims to be a catalyst and enabler to improve our customer's cash-conversion cycles, through tailor-made SPI solutions that serve the key elements of the financial supply chain.

At the Exchange Trust, we understand a transaction by sequencing its physical and non-physical phases and identify associated risks that inhibit financial solutions.

We offset these risks by applying mitigating actions through the SPI and its Strategic Partners, with the sole objective to create a secure supply pipeline to financiers and buyers of commodities and inventory.