Welcome To Exchange Trust. 


The Exchange Trust provide Software as a Service, a Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (SPI) services to global traders, financiers, underwriters that require enterprise resource solutions, risk management, account collection and payment solutions for suppliers, distributors, agents, producers and other service providers. For this reason the Exchange Trust SPI is a multi currency platform that cater for a wide range of currencies.

A select group of customers enjoy a highly personalized boutique style service, as such they are our business partners and part of the ecosystem of the Exchange Trust SPI.The Exchange Trust SPI as a function of its compliance with the Banks Act and the National Payments Systems Act manages the Payment and Settlement Instructions as well as the underlying documents that represent these Payment Instructions such as Invoices, Contracts, Claims, Risk Control and Stock in Trade.

Our core applications are regularly improved to meet industry demands and customer needs, whilst taking cognisance of the legal and regulatory environment in which the Exchange Trust operates. Our current clients boast the A+ Insurance companies of South Africa for whom we have processed to date approximately R3 Billion (+-EUR 175 Million) worth of transactions. As a requirement of this service delivery our systems are also externally audited for regulatory compliance, data security, data integrity as well as system processing accuracy, (Interest Calculations and transaction value determinations).

Exchange Trust, as the name implies, forms close-knit trusted relationships with its clients and service providers, essentially they become business partners.   The Exchange Trust SPI has a unique combination of Software and Platforms combined with on site physical services.

 We look forward to consider your application to become partner of Exchange Trust SPI.